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PAULOS's Success Story

Getting the personalized guidance from USA Education Hub helped me in early submission of my 18 college applications and financial aid application. Now, I am in my dream college on full ride scholarship.

B.Sc in Computer Science, Northwestern University


I have always wanted my younger brother back home in Liberia to come to the US for studies but i didn't have the time to search for college and all the admission process. 

So through a friend on instagram, i found success educational consulting IG page. I followed the page and decide to contact the company after four weeks.

I would say the customer service from the call representative was very polite and professional. 

I told the representative what i needed help with; she offered me two service packages, one for the list of colleges and the order the guide to study in the US. I paid for them and used the information provided. I am very happy for the result. My Junior brother has started them college admission process for Spring semester 2019. the good part is that he is confidently going through the process in any easy and organized manner; thanks to this company. Great Job Success Educational Consulting!!!!

-Isabel  Brown - Maryland , USA

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