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College Application Deadline For Fall 2025 Semester is Fast Approaching !!!

High School SENIORS & Parents,



This Complete Step-by-Step Personalized College Admissions Guidance is Designed To Help High School SENIORS With the ENTIRE 14 -18 Colleges Admissions + Financial Aid (FAFSA, Scholarship) Application Process in 13 Weeks Without Overwhelm.

So, High School SENIORS (Class of 2025),
whether you are

a. From an IMMIGRANT Family
b.  a FIRST-GENERATION College Student

c. From LOW-HIGH INCOME Family

d. From a BUSY Family

Struggling With College Admissions Process;

This "13 WEEKS" VIP Package is created to guide you throughout the entire application to 14-18 Colleges + Financial Aid Application Process Without Overwhelm.

Our High School Seniors of Class of 2022, 2023 & 2024 got accepted into their Top 5 dream colleges such as Duke, UVA, UC Berkeley, University of Michigan, George Washington University, Vanderbilt, Northwestern, Boston etc

VIP Package Coaching Starts on SEPTEMBER 17, 2024 - DECEMBER 12, 2024.
ONLY for High School SENIORS Applying for EARLY ACTION, EARLY DECISION, and REGULAR  Admission for FALL Semester 2025.




Happy Students Testifies


Paulos. A

Northwestern University & Full Ride Scholarship For Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.


Thank you Ms. Chioma for your guidance throughout my college admissions and scholarship application. 


Bethel. A

University of Virginia (UVA) & Full Tuition Scholarship For Bachelor of Science in Biology

I am grateful for Ms. Jennifer my essay coach and Ms.Chioma my admission counselor.

Thank you for getting me into my dream college.


Carel. H.

Bemidji State University & Full ride scholarship for Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Ms. Chioma makes the process easy and fun. She helped me get accepted into 5 universities and was over $500,000 USD in scholarship for 4 years.

VIP Package Outline


PHASE 1 - Entire College Admissions Process 

Length of Support  - 13 Weeks of Personalized Guidance from September 17, 2024 - December 12, 2024 + HUGE BONUSES ( EXTRA 2 Weeks of FINANCIAL AID Review & College Registration on March 1, 2025 - April 30, 2025).

The VIP Package BEGINS on September 17, 2024  - December 12, 2024 

  • Admission Type -  Guidance for FALL SEMESTER 2025 Application for  Early Action, Early Decision and Regular Admissions Cycle.

  •  Career Goal -  Guidance on defining objectives and goals of students, so as to help them choose profitable Majors and Minors to Study in line with their passion.

  •  Online College Application -  Guidance in completion of 14 -18 Colleges applications in a timely manner without procrastination or overwhelm.  

  •  Writing Winning Essays - Our highly experienced essay coaches will guide students on the right strategies from brainstorming sessions, first to final drafts of 150 - 1000 words for 14 -18 colleges without overthinking or frustration.  

  •   Writing Great Resumes -  Our experienced essay coaches will assist and guide students in writing great resumes without confusion. 

  •  Profound Experiences (Extracurricular Activities) - Guidance in compiling extracurricular activities that will be needed for each selected 14 -18 colleges. 

  •   Letter of Recommendations - guidance on how to get persuaive letter of recommendations.

  •   Live Coaching on Zoom - Our college admissions counselors, essay coaches and financial aid experts will offer live zoom coaching for 6 hours in 2 days every week.  

  •   Follow up with each student - We offer regular updates and follow up with each student via email, zoom, google meet, phone calls, text message.

  •   Mock Interviews - We will prepare students for college admissions interview process. 

  •   Effective Time Management  - We will teach and guide our students on how to develop effective time management skills 

  PHASE 2 - Financial Aid (FAFSA & External Scholarship)

  •   Institutional (College) Scholarship - We offer guidance on how to qualify and apply for institutional (college) scholarship opportunities for freshman/first year students. 

  •   FAFSA -  We offer guidance on how to properly apply for FAFSA   

  •   CSS PROFILE -  We offer guidance on how to properly apply for CSS PROFILE 

  •   External Scholarship - We offer guidance on how to qualify and apply for 5 external scholarships available in each student state of residence and our specific list of scholarship opportunities.    

Weekly Outline

  • Live ZOOM Coaching for 6 hours  in 2 days every week - Where we coach students on each step of the college admissions process 

  •  Personalized Support to help students increase motivation, accountability, collaboration and speed. 

  • 5 days email or text message, or phone call support to answer all questions.   



Why The VIP Package ?

The VIP Package is a SIMPLIFIED GUIDANCE where we work with High School SENIORS and Parents/legal Guardians to overcome these TOP TEN Challenges High School Seniors struggle with during college admissions process; so that they can get accepted into dream or best-fit colleges ready to educate them with the SKILL SETS in building a successful career or business.


  •  Not Getting Personalized Support From High School Counselor - A standard public high school has over 300 seniors (12th graders). This means the school counselor has to work with over 300 seniors plus other students from 9th -11th grade and still attend to other administrative responsibilities.  As such, a high school senior (your child) cannot get the personalized attention and support needed for the entire college admissions process.

This is where VIP package is highly needed . Our INDEPENDENT College Admissions counselors have over 20 Collective years of experiences working with different high school seniors to get them successful results. 

  •  Busy Parents - During college admissions period, Most high school seniors gets little or no assistance from parents (or legal guardians) . Why? Because these parents are BUSY with work, business, family matters etc. So, the student is left to figure out this long stressful college admissions process alone.  

Through our VIP package, our independent college admissions counselors are available and ready to offer personalized support to high school senior (your child) from the beginning to the end of the college admissions process. 

  •    Parents Who Did Not Attend College In the USA - Some parents desire to help their kids with the college admissions BUT they do not know what to do because they are not college graduates in the USA (Immigrant parents).   

Not a problem mum , dad or grandparent, Our independent admissions counselors are college graduates from different great USA colleges, so they understand the entire college admissions very well and they are here to guide your child (high school senior) successfully.  

  •    Too Many Colleges  - So many high school seniors are frustrated and overwhelmed with completing over 10, 15, 20 , 30 and more college applications. This is because the online application portal has other components of required documents that must be entered before the application process is complete.  Students still have life beyond college application.  This can be very stressful when done alone. 

No more stress for your child; In our VIP package, your child (high school senior) is assigned our experienced college admissions counselors and paired with other motivated high school seniors to increase accountability.  

  •    Too Many Personal Essays To Write - Personal Essay, Supplementary Essay or Statement of Purpose is one of the MAIN required document for college admission. A great written essay increases the student chances of gaining admission + some college scholarships and vice versa. Personal Essay is way different from high school essays; so many high school seniors struggle with writing great essays and this is one of the reasons students get stuck with college admissions process. 

Help is here; In the VIP package, students will have access to our experienced essay coaches who have worked with our ex-students currently in their dream or best fit colleges. 

  •   Stuck With Extracurricular Activities List - Extracurricular activities are one of the MAIN requirement for college admissions. Most high school seniors are confused with compiling the RIGHT extracurricular activities list that meets the standard for ivy, highly selective or moderately selective colleges. So, they get stuck in the process.  

Help is here; In the VIP package, students will have access to our experienced essay coaches and admissions counselors to assist them in compiling the right extracurricular activities list. 

  •  Worried About College Tuition -  Some students decline college or apply to few colleges because of college tuition.  They are afraid their parents cannot afford it, so they give up going to college.  

In our VIP package, our college admissions counselors and financial aid experts will guide your child (high school senior) and Parents on different ways to PAY for college easily. 

  •  Do Not Know About FAFSA - The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online application process is new to both students and parents. As such, there are limited or inaccurate information on how to do the FAFSA online application accurately.  So, students and parents gets Stuck , frustrated and make lots of mistakes.

No more mistakes with FAFSA; in the VIP package, students and parents will be properly guided on how to do FAFSA the correct way, so that students can get ALL the financial aid they need. Financial aid can be scholarship, grant, student work study or student aid. 

  •  Low GPA - Academic transcripts from 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade are needed for college admissions. Students with low GPA of 2.0 and below are de-motivated and unwilling to apply for college. They believe the low GPA will hinder them form going to college.

There is a way out. In our VIP package, our college admissions counselors will work with high school seniors with low GPA in college selection, choosing the right major and other steps to take in achieving college dreams.  

  •  No Time Management & No Accountability - Some high school seniors know what to do but struggle with poor time management, organization and No accountability.  They need help with proper time management, priority organization and accountability. 

This is where our VIP package is needed.  In the VIP package, high school seniors  will work in small groups with admissions counselors and other students  to increase motivation, accountability, and proper priority management.

So, Parents and high school seniors, Now is the time to get the help you need by purchasing our VIP PACKAGE.




Chioma's Story

Daniel's success story

This was the best decision my parents and I made. USA Education Hub consultants got my admission process done in 2.5 months. I got into Seattle Pacific university for B.Sc Computer science + awarded $28,800 annual scholarship".

— Daniel .A.- Computer Science

Happy Students Testifies


Joshua . I

Minnesota State University, Mankato and Merit Scholarship For Bachelor of Science in Nursing.


I say a big thank you to Ms. Chioma and all staff at USA Education Hub For Helping Me Achieve my dream of studying in the USA


Faruk .S

University of New Haven & $22,000 USD Merit Scholarship For Bachelor of Science  in Business Management

Thank you USA Education Hub Team for the assist with my universities admission, scholarship & student visa application


Patricia . M

Minnesota State University, Mankato and Merit Scholarship For Bachelor  of Science in Nursing.

Thank you Ms. Chioma for the rigorous training and guidance for essay writing, extracurricular activities, scholarship and student visa application.







  • All Students success stories  are NOT typical. Each student we work with get a unique success story tailored to them. So, We DO NOT Guarantee the same success as the students in the testimonials. 

  • We GUARANTEE 100% personalized guidance in helping students get into their dream or best-fit college/university.

  • We DO NOT Guarantee any student admission into any specific or ivy league college/university. 

  • We DO NOT Guarantee any scholarship, grants or any other financial aid will be awarded to any student. 

  • We DO NOT Accept money for any form of bribe for admission into any college   

  • We DO NOT sell, share, or use any student personal information and any documents for any illegal practice. We ONLY use students information and documents for the purpose of college/university admissions.

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