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High School Seniors!!


A Poor Written Essay or Personal Statement WILL REDUCE Your Chances of Getting Accepted In Your Dream, Highly Selective or Best-Fit College.


At USA Education Hub, our experienced essay coaches have guided our previous students (class of 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022) in writing GREAT essays that positioned them as the best students for their selected dream or best-fit colleges.


So, in 4 Weeks, Let's Guide You to Write 3 GREAT ESSAYS That Will Position You as the Best Student (Applicant) in three selected colleges.



Here's What You Will Get In This Service Package


  • Personalized Guidance on Writing 3 Great Essays for different colleges - we work with students on writing 3 different essay prompts for different colleges. It can be Common app prompt (650 words maximum), Different College Supplementary essays (150, 250, 450 words maximum) or both.



  • Understanding Essay Prompt - We will explain in details the essay prompts and teach on how to answer the prompt accurately.



  • Brainstorming Sessions - We will work you through the brainstorming session with you to help you gather your thoughts and then put down those thoughts on paper. We will educate you on best strategies for brainstorming essay ideas.



  • Essay Samples of Previous Students - We will use some samples of our previous students essays to coach you on how to draft your essays.



  • Essay Draft - We will guide you in drafting good essay drafts that is in accordance to the maximum words count of each essay prompt.



  • Essay Reviews - We will do four essays and personal statement reviews for EACH essay Prompt from the first draft to the final draft.



  • Final Essay Draft - We will make sure your final essay draft will attract the attention of the college admissions team





  • Writing Great Resume - FREE Personalized Guidance with Writing Great Resume + 2 drafts review from first to final draft


  • Compelling Activities List - FREE Personalized Guidances in compelling great activities.



Don't Struggle With Essay Writing ALONE; Purchase this Essay Writing Service Package and You will get the personalized guidance you need in writing your great essays.



Writing Great Essay/Personal Statement

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