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Hello High School Seniors!!!


Do You Need A Quick Help With Any of the College Admissions Requirement or step?


Then, our PAY-AS-YOU-GO (Hourly Consultation) Service Package is BEST for you.


Here's What You Will Get In This Service Package


Personalized Guidance With ONE of the following college admissions need:


  • Choosing a Major and minor- We will explain and guidance you in choosing a profitable MAJOR & Minor To study in college.


  • Building a great college list - We will assist and guide you in selecting great colleges that are best fit for you based on academic abilities, extracurricular activities, major, financial aid packages and more...


  • Essay Draft - We will guide you in drafting good essay drafts that is in accordance to the maximum words count of each essay prompt.
  • External Scholarship opportunities - We will guide you on how to get external scholarship opportunities of $500 - $10,000 and more..


  • Writing Great Resume - We will offfer Personalized Guidance with Writing Great Resume + 2 drafts review from first to final draft


  • Compelling Activities List - We will offer Personalized Guidances in compelling great activities.


  • FAFSA Application - We will guide you in doing the fafsa application accurately, so that you do not make any mistakes with financial aid package.


Kindly NOTE - In this service package, We ONLY work with high school seniors (12th grade) students for Help with ONE SPECIFIC College Admissions needs listed above.


Pay-As-You-Go (Hourly Consultation) For USA High School Students & Parents

  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL. There is NO REFUND For ANY Reason at anytime.

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