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Hello, I am Chioma Faith - Founder of USA Education Hub Company.

So, International Student /Parents,

Do You Plan To Further Your Higher Education (Associate, Bachelors, Masters or PhD Degree Program) In Affordable or Top USA Colleges/Universities And Also Build A Successful Life In The USA?

Then, our success service package is for you.


Our SUCCESS Service Package is a FULL DONE-WITH-You service package.

Here, students gets FULL PERSONALIZED GUIDANCE with the USA University application and admissions process + Scholarship application process (aka Study in USA Process) in 2 months.

It is designed to help students avoid all mistakes, confusion & stress associated with Study in USA Process. 

With our dedicated and experienced admissions counselors and I, using our simple guided step by step process, we work with students from the beginning to the end of the study in USA process successfully.

Here's a Summary of Our SUCCESS  Package Benefits

- Affordable, Experienced and Successful Expert Support throughout your entire Study in USA Process in 2 months

- 2 Months of Personalized Guidance 

- Success Service Package is for  Students applying for either UNDERGRADUATE Degree Programs or GRADUATE (Master or PhD) Degree Programs

-  Guidance on Academic Transcripts Evaluation Process

-  Personalized Selection & Application to 3 affordable or top USA universities,

-  FREE guidance on writing winning personal essays /statement of purpose 

-  Guidance on writing great resume,

-  Guidance on collection of persuasive recommendation letters,

-  Guidance in compiling passion purpose extracurricular activities,

-  FREE Payment of Applications fee for 3 Universities

-  FREE Payment for Transcript Evaluation Process through WES

--  FREE Mock university admissions interviews Preparation

- Regular follow up with the USA universities via email, phone calls, on -campus visits 

- Regular follow up with students/parents via whatsapp, email, phone call.

FINANCIAL AID Application Process

(Scholarship and Graduate Assistantship)

- FREE Scholarship application process for 3 universities (ONLY if a student qualifies for scholarship application)

_FREE Graduate Assistantship Application process ONLY for international students applying for a master or phd degree (ONLY if a student qualifies)

- ALL STUDENTS MUST PROVIDE FINANCIAL BANK STATEMENT For admission and USA student visa process.


 And More....

Full details of our success package benefits are explained below.

So, let us help you get into the best college of your dream with ease.

See Some of Our Students Testimonials Below.



Happy Students Testifies


Jennifer . I.
(Lagos, Nigeria)

I'm grateful my mum found Chioma via Instagram. She helped me get into Felician University for B.Sc. Biology+ awarded $12,000 annual scholarship


Momo. T. 
(Osaka, Japan)

Thank you USA Education team for helping me get into Texas Tech University for PhD Petroleum Engineering+ awarded graduate assistantship (Scholarship)


Akosia. F.
(Monrovia, Liberia)

Chioma makes the process easy and fun. She helped me get into Bemidji State University for M.Sc Environmental Studies + awarded Graduate assistantship position (scholarship)

Here's What You Get In This Success Service Package



  • Success Service Package serves students interested in pursuing UNDERGRADUATE or GRADUATE programs in USA universities

  •  Support - 2  months of personalized support      

  • Career Goal -Guidance on defining objectives and goals of student, so to help in choosing profitable course to study in line with their passion  

  • University Selection - We will Select the best 3 affordable and reputable USA universities that offers scholarship opportunities for international students  

  • Academic Transcripts for  Undergraduate programs - Students Interested in Undergraduate Program will submit Senior Secondary School results + National Examination Results  

  • Academic Transcripts for  Masters or PhD Programs- Students Interested in Masters or PhD Program will undergraduate transcripts or  Masters or PhD transcripts. 

  • Transcript Evaluation - We will guide students in getting official transcripts evaluation process from World Education Services (WES). 

  • Online University Application - We will begin, complete and submit the online application forms for 3 USA universities  


  •   Finanacial Aid​ Application - We will provide guidance and assistance for beginning, completing and submission of scholarship or graduate assistantship application forms available in  3 USA universities  (ONLY FOR STUDENTS WHO QUALIFIES)

  • Payment of Application Fees - FREE Payment of application fee for 3 USA  universities  

  • Writing Winning Essays - FREE Coaching  and guidance on writing winning personal essays or statement of purpose for 3 USA universities and scholarship application       

  • Guidance on selection of profound experiences - extra curricular activities, sports, leadership roles, professional certification etc 

  • Great Resume -  Guidance in formation of compelling resume  

  • Recommendations - Guidance on collection of persuasive recommendation letters or contacts of recommenders

  • Corrections - FREE corrections of errors on any required document

  • Follow up With Universities - Regular follow up with the 3  USA universities via emails, phone calls or sometimes on-campus visits

  • Follow up with student - Regular update and follow up with student via email, whatsapp, Instagram DM,  zoom calls and text messages  

  • Mock interviews - practice and preparation for winning admission interviews  

  • Standardized Test -Explanation of our 4 - 8 WEEKS SAT PREP CLASSES + SAT REGISTRATION for students applying for UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAM  (You Pay a NEW Fee for this test)

  • Standardized Test - Explanation of our 4 -8 WEEKS GRE PREP CLASSES + GRE REGISTRATION for students applying for GRADUATE PROGRAM  (You Pay A New FEE for this test)




We Will Do:

  • Guidance on how to qualify for merit-based or need based USA university scholarship opportunities  

  • Scholarship application process offered by 3 USA Universities

  • FREE Assistance with scholarship or grant applications offered by the 3 USA universities

  • Regular Follow Up on submitted scholarship applications

  • Guidance on how the  4 USA scholarship or grant works for international students   

Note - Students Can ONLY Apply for any scholarship opportunities offered by USA Universities AFTER They have completed universities application process. 


Next Step -University Acceptance and Classes RegistrationProcess


  • Guidance on next step after acceptance letter  

  • Guidance on registration of semester courses  

  • Guidance on tuition payment, scholarship, grants disbursement  

  • Guidance on how to get affordable and safe off-campus housing    

  • Guidance on how to get on-campus housing

  • AND MORE.....




“This company is great at what they do. I contacted them after 2 failure trying to do it all by myself. I got accepted into Clark University in M.Sc Health educat & awarded $18,500 scholarship” 


—  Masia. F

Ready to Study in USA

But You Struggle With Any Of The Following?​ 

  • 1. Don't Know About or Understand USA Higher Education System - You are ready to study in USA Universities BUT you don't know what the entire process for USA university admission, Scholarship application or USA student visa application process and how to go about it.  

  • 2. Lack of Trust For Study Abroad Agency- You have personal experienced or heard of someone who experienced fraud from fake study abroad agency (no admission, no scholarship, no student visa, no America), so you are very skeptical about study abroad agencies especially online.   

  • 3. Time - You are very knowledgeable about how the entire process of study in USA works but you do not have time to sit by your computer or phone, do random google search for universities, follow up with USA universities and every necessary steps needed to get successful admission letter, scholarship and USA student visa.Worry No More; I Am Here To Help You Fulfill Your Heart Desire of Studying In The USA  

  • Using My SMART Step by Step Strategy I Have Used To Help Over 450 International Students Get Accepted Into Top USA Colleges/Universities , Pay With Scholarship Funds and Get Approved USA Student Visas,  Let Me Assist and Guide You Through The Entire USA University Application Process, Scholarship Application Process and USA Student Visa Application Process; So That You Can Successfully Achieve Your Heart Desire of Relocating To the USA For Education and Building A Better Life For Yourself /Family WITHOUT Confusion, Mistakes, Delays, Stress and Wasted Efforts.  

  • So, whether your MAIN Purpose is to:

  • a. Relocate to the USA for  Associate, Bachelors, Masters or PhD degree Education Only    

  • b. Relocate to the USA for Education & Start a new better life  

  • c. Relocate to the USA to Reconnect and Live with your Spouse, Siblings, Parent(s), And start your new life.  

  • Our Success Service Package is the most affordable service in which our experienced and successful Study in USA Experts are ready to assist you with the University application and admission process + scholarship application process + USA Student visa guidance.   ​​

  • Which Category of Student Are You?
  • 1. Novice - You DO NOT know anything about the USA Higher Education System. You have NO

  • about how the USA Universities admission process , Scholarship application or USA Student Visa application works. Don't Worry, I am here to help you get success just like our other students.

  • 2.  Beginner - You have little idea about USA Colleges/Universities from friends, family, movies etc BUT you DO NOT know how the USA University admission process, scholarship application and USA student visa process works. You Need help with the entire process. Look no further, I am here to help you.

  • 3. Intermediate - You have some ideas about the USA college/university admission process , scholarship application and USA student visa process. Maybe you have been denied USA university admission,no scholarship or denied USA student visa; so now, you need help from a reliable USA college counselor / study in USA agency; Look no further, I am Here to help you.

  • 4. Advanced - You know so much about the USA college/university process from experience of your family, friends, colleagues or personal BUT you DO NOT have time to sit down and do the entire USA university admission process, scholarship process or USA student visa application process all by yourself;  Not a problem, I am here to help you.

  • Whatever category you are in right now, I totally understand your struggles and frustrations because I have been there before.  I can help you. 

My Story Of Change

My journey to the USA began as an International student. I wanted a better life - quality education, high paying jobs, good environment, and a society that promotes young people talents/skills. So, I decided to relocate to the USA through the path of education.

I made it happen. Early 2013, I began my USA University application. I had no money to pay any study abroad agency, so I had to do the entire process all by myself for 18 months. It was so long, stressful, confusing, frustrating, annoying, and finally joyful process. I got accepted at the University of the District of Columbia for my masters program in Water resource Management (Environmental Science) + got scholarship (graduate assistantship) + my USA student visa approved (at the First and only visa interview). Fast forward today, My story has changed for the best, built USA Education Hub Company, have 10 team and have helped over 3600 International and USA students get the same success I got years old. So, Let me and my team help you change your own story in the USA. 


Just Imagine how you will react when you get your Congratulation USA university admission letter + scholarship awards + approved USA student visa .... woww. oh mine oh mine.. Let me help you achieve your dream of quality education and better life in the USA. 



American University


Mildred got accepted into American University for M.Sc in International Development + $28,992 Annual Scholarship




Happy Students Testifies


Carel. H.
(USA & South African)

Thank you Chioma for your help; I got accepted into bemidji State University + $15,000 annual scholarship


Mildred. K 
(Freetown, Sierra Leone)

I got accepted American University for M.Sc International Development & $20, 600 annual scholarship. Thank you for your help USA Education Hub.


Samuel. M.
(Abuja, Nigeria) 

Chioma is great at what she does. She helped with my wife admission process for Associate degree in Nursing and I recommend her.


REFUND POLICY: ALL SALES ARE FINAL; There is NO REFUND at anytime for any reason. No Transfer to another student. No Defer or Transfer to another semester. All SALES are FINAL FOR ONE STUDENT Applying for ONE SEMESTER,

DISCLAIMER :  All Student's success stories are not typical. Each Student we work with get a unique success story tailored to them. So, we DO NOT guarantee the same success as the students in the testimonials. 

  • We GUARANTEE 100% expert service to get you into your dream college/university.

  • We DO NOT guarantee any student admission into any school. 

  • We DO NOT guarantee scholarship, grants or any other financial aid being awarded to any student.

  • We DO NOT Accept money for any form of bribe for admission into any school.

  • Students are responsible for their success throughout the college admissions process.

  • We DO NOT be sell, share or use students personal information and any documents for any illegal practice. We ONLY use students documents and personal information for the purpose of college admissions.

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