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About Us

About USA Education Hub

USA Education Hub was Formerly known as Success Educational Consulting (SEC). This is a great company that offers personalized college admissions consulting for USA High School Students and International students to get into dream Colleges and Universities without overwhelm.

  We provide personalized guidance in USA college admission process, financial aid/scholarship application process, College Entrance Exam Prep (SAT, IELTS,  TOEFL and GRE Prep Classes), USA student visa preparation process in an easy, simple and fun way.

USA Education Hub was founded by Chioma Faith Okoronkwo (best known as Chioma Faith). Chioma founded this company based on her personal experience of struggle and joy in getting into USA University as an international graduate student in 2014.  Chioma got accepted into the University of the District of Columbia, Washington DC, was awarded graduate teaching Assistantship position which helped paid 70% off her tuition and a monthly stipend which was also channeled towards paying the balance of the tuition. So, technically, Chioma paid for her two years Master's degree program for free (graduate teaching assistantship grant).

Before Chioma got this success story, she went through a lot of pain and stress during her college application process - No money to pay for college consultants in Lagos, Nigeria, 18 months of long application process, confusion with the transcript evaluation process, frustration in following up with USA colleges via phone calls, emails from Lagos, Nigeria, Confused about how to do USA Student Visa Application and Interview preparation and did the entire relocation to the USA For Studies process all by herself. 

 She understands how exhausting, overwhelming, frustrating and confusing this process can be. So, she decided to help other students achieve their college dreams without all the struggles and overwhelm. 

  In September 2018, she started helping families and friends on Facebook who were interested in study in USA.

 This was the UNOFFICIAL Launch of "Success Educational Consulting" a VIRTUAL COLLEGE ADMISSIONS CONSULTING Company. Then, launched it OFFICIALLY in January 2019. It started off serving only international students from over 8 countries through sponsored Facebook and Intsagram paid advertising.

 During Covid-19 Pandemic breakout in 2020, USA High school students and parents from her church, friends and local community started reaching out to her for guidance with college admissions and FAFSA (scholarship) application.  She served so many 12th graders that year and had one of the biggest successful year in business.

  In January 2021, she changed the company name to become "USA Education Hub LLC" which now serves both USA High School Students and International students.

Since 2018 till present, USA Education Hub has helped over 3700 international and USA resident students get accepted into top USA colleges, gotten high score in college entrance test ( SAT, IELTS, GRE), get awarded over 6 Million dollar scholarship - thereby reducing student loan debts and over 250 USA student visa approved for our international students.


USA Education Hub is a Success Hub; We put smiles, laughter, joy, hope and confidence in the lives of our students, parents or guardians on a journey to building a successful life through college in the USA.


Our Goal

To Help International And USA Students Build A Path For A Successful Life By Getting Into Top USA College Without Confusion and Overwhelm.


Our Mission

To Promote Quality Education Through Top USA College Degree.


About Founder

Hello Student, Parent or Guardian.  I am Chioma Faith Okoronkwo, the founder of USA Education Hub (Formerly known as Success Educational Consulting). USA Education Hub is the #1 USA College Admissions Consulting business with one goal - to help International and USA-based students build a successful life by getting USA college degree without struggle and student loan.

 I relocated to the United States as an international student for a master’s degree program at the University of the District, Washington DC. Before i got to become an international student in the USA, I experienced the stress, frustration, confusion, loneliness, wasted time and finally joy of going through the USA college admissions process all myself. It was hard, so uncomfortable during the process and joy at last. I spent 18 months figuring out how to get into USA college with scholarship. At that period, I had no money to get expert guidance. As an international student who never lived or schooled in the USA, trying to understand the college admission process + scholarship application + USA student visa interview was so overwhelming but at last, I made it successfully.  To help international students achieve their dream of studying in the USA without struggle, stress and student loan, I founded my company Success Educational Consulting, Now known as USA Education Hub. 

It started off helping ONLY international students who lived outside of the USA and resident in the USA.  As my clients grew, I started getting referrals from Parents and students resident in the USA, so I decided to begin working with International and USA-based students.

Other Fun Things About Me

I am a Nigerian, now resident in the Washington DC area, USA.

I love school because I strongly believe that quality education is the tool to a great life, great family, great community, great nation and a great world; So, I have 2 college degree - Bachelors of Science in Biology Education from the University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria, and a Masters of Science in Water Resource Management from the University of the District of Columbia, Washington DC, USA.  I'm in the process of becoming a PhD Student at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

I am a science teacher with over 14 years experience in education, taught in 2 countries - Nigeria and USA;  ​I am a licensed Middle School science teacher in the state of Maryland, USA.

I am a talented professional singer - in the process of becoming a recording artist.

I have been an entrepreneur so i was a child; I just love owning and doing business. Apart from being an Independent College Admissions Expert, I am a certified social media marketing expert.

I am a Christian and an amazing woman.

So, If you are ready to get expert help from our experienced college admissions consultants, so that you don't have to struggle or spend 18 months like I did, then Check out our different SERVICE packages designed separately for USA residents and International students. I also created different FREE resources available on the STARTER GUIDE Page to get you started the right way without pay.

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