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Hello, I am Chioma Faith - Founder of USA Education Hub Company.

So, International Student /Parents,

WITHOUT USA STUDENT VISA (F1 OR J1 VISA), You CANNOT Relocate to the USA to Study in ANY USA Colleges/Universities.

Using My SMART Step by Step Strategy I Have Used To Help Over 450 International Students Get Accepted Into Top USA Colleges/Universities, Pay With Scholarship Funds and Get Approved USA Student Visas, 

 Let Me Assist and Guide You Through The Entire USA Student Visa Application Process; So That You Can Successfully Achieve Your Heart Desire of Relocating To the USA For Education and Building A Better Life For Yourself /Family WITHOUT Confusion, Overwhelm, Mistakes, Delays, Stress and Wasted Efforts.

So, whether your MAIN Purpose of study is:
a. Undergraduate degree program
b. Graduate degree program - Masters or PhD
c. Professional training,
I can help you make it happen successfully. 

Or Maybe, your MAIN Purpose of Relocating to the USA is:
a. For Education purpose only
b. For education and building a better life for yourself
c. For building a better life for you and family
d. For relocating with your family
e. To reconnect and live with your spouse, parent, child or sibling,

I am here to help prepare you for a successful USA Student visa Interview. So, Click on the Pay Now button to invest in the new life you desire.



Happy Students Testifies


Jennifer . I.

I'm grateful my mum found Chioma via Instagram. She helped me get into Felician University for B.Sc. Biology+ awarded $12,000 annual scholarship


Momo. T. 

Thank you USA Education team for helping me get into Texas Tech University for PhD Mechanical Engineering+ awarded graduate assistantship


Akosia. F.

Chioma makes the process easy and fun. She helped me get into Bemidji State University for M.Sc Environmental Studies + government reduced tuition of $8,000 annual tuition.

How We Assist Students With The USA Student Visa Application Process 

About Our USA Student Visa Service Package 

 Our USA Student Visa Service Package is designed to help you take off the stress and overwhelm that commonly happens to individuals going through the USA Student Visa Application Process all by themselves.

With our experienced admissions counselors and I, using our simple guided step by step process, we will help you prepare for your USA Student Visa Interview, so that you will attend the interview and come out with your APPROVED USA Student Visa Confidently. 

Benefits of Our USA Student Visa Service Package 

1. USA Student Visa Application & Fees.

This includes:

-  Assistance With Completing DS 1-60 Student Visa Online Application Form

- FREE Payment of DS 1-60 application fee


-  FREE Payment of SEVIS fee

- Assistance with getting USA Student visa interview date

- Guidance in gathering all required documents for the USA Student visa application process

- Guidance in getting 1-20 document from the university admitted at.

2.  Pre- USA Student Visa Interview 

This includes :

- Guidance on how to prepare and excel at USA student visa interview

- FREE Training on How to answer "20 Commonly Asked Questions at USA Student Visa Interview"

- Mock interview to help you get familiar and comfortable with questions commonly asked at USA student visa interview

- Assistance and Guidance in gathering Documents for "Proof of Strong Tie" - These are documents or properties you own that shows you will return back to your country immediately after your education in the USA.

- Assistance and Guidance in gathering all documents needed ON the USA Student Visa Interview Day. 

- Work With you for 1-4 weeks of personal assessment so that you will be successful just like our other students on the images below. 

 So are you ready to get fully prepared for the USA student Visa Interview, so that you will Attend the USA student visa Interview THIS TIME and come out with your Approved USA Student Visa? 

Then CLICK on the Pay Now Button to Invest in this our USA Student Visa Service Package. 



 Required Documents Needed For USA Student Visa Application Process


Below are the LIST of Required Documents Needed for USA Student Visa Application Process:

1. Admission Letter from a USA University - You MUST be offered a congratulation admission letter from any USA College/university BEFORE you can apply for USA student visa

2. "1- 20 Document" - 1-20 document is issued by the USA university you are admitted to. So, make sure you have completed and collected your 1-20 document from the university

3.  SEVIS Fee Payment Receipt

4. Valid International Passport - You MUST have a valid international passport valid up to 3 months BEFORE the start date of classes in a USA University.

5. Completed ONLINE DS 1-60 Non-immigrant Visa Application Form

6. Receipt of Payment for DS 1-60 Non-immigrant visa application


7.  Student Visa interview schedule date confirmation 

8. Proof of Finance

9. Proof of return

  In this service package, we assist students in gathering all these required documents ACCURATELY 




“This company is great at what they do. I contacted them after 2 failure trying to do it all by myself. I got accepted into Clark University in M.Sc Health educat & awarded $18,500 scholarship” 


—  Masia. F




Happy Students Testifies


Carel. H.

Thank you Chioma for your help; I got accepted into bemidji State University + $15,000 annual scholarship


Mildred. K 

I got accepted American University for M.Sc International Development & $20, 600 annual scholarship. Thank you for your help USA Education Hub.


Samuel. M. 

Chioma is great at what she does. She helped with my admission process and I recommend her.


REFUND POLICY: ALL SALES ARE FINAL; There is NO REFUND at anytime for any reason. Full Payment =$1,500 ; Part-Payment is 2 installment, you pay $1,000 for each installment making it a total of $2,000.

DISCLAIMER :  All Student's success stories are not typical. Each Student we work with get a unique success story tailored to them. So, we DO NOT guarantee the same success as the students in the testimonials. 

  • We GUARANTEE 100% expert service to get you into your dream college/university.

  • We DO NOT Guarantee ANY USA STUDENT VISA Approval. The US Immigration Determines Whether or Not Students will get Student visa or Not.

  • Students are responsible for their success throughout the USA Student Visa Application process
  • The $1500 full payment is for ONE STUDENT ONLY. If you have dependant, you will pay EXTRA $500 for Each Dependant.
  • We DO NOT be sell, share or use students personal information and any documents for any illegal practice. We ONLY use students documents and personal information for the purpose of college admissions.

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