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Hello, I am Chioma Faith - Founder of USA Education Hub Company.

So, International and U.S Students,

The COURSE You Study In USA College/University Can Determine Your Financial Future For The First-Two Years After Graduation and Earning Your Degree.

In this 21st century and as at the year 2021, there are high demand needs in our society , nation and world at large. This high demand needs requires people with the relevant skill sets (education, experience) to help meet these needs.
Look around you, you see everything is changing, the way we now do things is changing. 
In this era of covid-19, you can see that we literally live in a "technology" world where almost every of our daily activities is done VIRTUALLY (online). People need more qualified doctors, great infrastructures powered by technology, security of our data over the internet, educators who are technology savvy etc. This is our new norm and you have to position yourself for a successful job/business.

So, Why Invest  2 - 8 years of your time, energy and money in College/University studying a Course that is Irrelevant and not needed in our society or nation? 

Why study a course that has little or no job demand ?

Why study a course that you cannot even start a profitable business out of?


That Why I Wrote This Ebook "200 Profitable Courses To Study In USA Universities" to Show You the Types of Courses are that high demand, high job opportunities that offers high pay and high projections for sustainable growth in career or business.

So, whether your MAIN Purpose is:
a. Earn a Undergraduate degree -Associate or Bachelors
b. Earn a Graduate degree - Masters or PhD
c. Professional Development 
d. Change of Career Choice

This EBook is your First step guide in making the right course selection.

So, Click on the Pay Now button to invest in the new life you desire. 


Happy Students Testifies


Jennifer . I.

I'm grateful my mum found Chioma via Instagram. She helped me get into Felician University for B.Sc. Biology+ awarded $12,000 annual scholarship


Momo. T. 

Thank you USA Education team for helping me get into Texas Tech University for PhD Mechanical Engineering+ awarded graduate assistantship


Akosia. F.

Chioma makes the process easy and fun. She helped me get into Bemidji State University for M.Sc Environmental Studies + government reduced tuition of $8,000 annual tuition.

What You Will Get In This EBook:

The Little Investment That Will Set You A Path To A Successful Career

So, You Will Learn:​

1. Brainstorm Career Interest - This includes 5 Main questions to ask yourself before selecting a course to study in college/university, so that you don't regret after graduation.

2. The List Categorized By Industries  - 200 list of profitable courses to study categorized by high demand industries, so that you aware and choose the course that you love and ready to build a successful job/business with. 

3. Easy Access - with this ebook, you don't have to spend time and energy on random google searching for profitable courses; you get an organized, concise, accurate and easy to understand information in less than 5 minutes. 


chi033 book2.png


“This company is great at what they do. I contacted them after 2 failure trying to do it all by myself. I got accepted into Clark University in M.Sc Health educat & awarded $18,500 scholarship” 


—  Masi. F


About Author


I am Chioma Faith Okoronkwo, an educator for over 14 years, a USA College Admissions Expert and the founder of USA Education Hub Business where I help African International & USA Students Get Into USA Colleges / Universities Without Overwhelm and Confusion. My journey to the USA began as an international student. I got accepted to the University of the District of Columbia, Washington DC for Masters in Water Resource Management (Environmental Science) + graduate assistantship + my USA student visa approved. I did the entire USA University graduate admissions process all by myself. It was a very long, stressful, overwhelming, confusing, stressful process that later ended in a joyful moment. That's why I understand firsthand the work load of college admissions process; that's why I founded my company to help students & parents get through the college admissions process joyful and fun.

In my experience of working with diverse African students, I realize that 3 groups of students:

1. some students struggle with choosing profitable course of study in college

2. others are indecisive of which course to study because of their multi passion.

3. some students choose courses that are irrelevant , low demand and unprofitable in our current society, nation and world at large.

So, I wrote this book to really guide students on choosing profitable courses worth investing time, money and energy in course. 

To begin your journey to college/ university, get this ebook to guide you in choosing a profitable course to study.



Happy Students Testifies


Carel. H.

Thank you Chioma for your help; I got accepted into bemidji State University for B.Sc in Accounting + $15,000 annual scholarship


Mildred. K 

I got accepted American University for M.Sc International Development & $20, 600 annual scholarship. Thank you for your help USA Education Hub.


Samuel. M. 

Chioma is great at what she does. She helped with my admission process and I recommend her.


REFUND POLICY: ALL SALES ARE FINAL; There is NO REFUND at anytime for any reason. 

DISCLAIMER :  All Student's success stories are not typical. Each Student we work with get a unique success story tailored to them. So, we DO NOT guarantee the same success as the students in the testimonials. 

  • We GUARANTEE 100% accurate information in this ebook

  • This is an EBOOK, so students get download of a pdf document after payment is made

  • We accept payment in U.S Dollars and Currencies of Select Countries

  • We DO NOT be sell, share or use students personal information and any documents for any illegal practice. We ONLY use students information for payment purpose and email receipt.

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