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International Student

Planning on to do your Bachelor , Master or PhD Degree Program in the USA,


First step with working with USA EDUCATION HUB COMPANY,


 Let us Help You Do an Initial Evaluation of Your Academic Documents  and Other Required Documents so that we can assist you with the following listed below :


  •  Select the Right Program of study that is profitable and sustainable in the USA 


  • Select the best-fit USA Colleges/Universities that are affordable, reputable and have high acceptance rate for international students


  • and also Determine Instutitional Scholarship You May Qualify for - This can be Full ride scholarship, Full tuition Scholarship or Partial Scholarship.  



Once this inital evaluation process is completed, you will get a deatiled INITIAL EVALUATION REPORT That Would Guide On you on the next step of action.



Kindly Note - This INITIAL EVALUATION PROCESS IS NOT Our MAIN Service For USA University Admission or Scholarship application or USA Student Visa Application Process.


INITIAL EVALUATION PROCESS Is a ONE TIME Service For ONE International Student and the $200 USD is a ONE-TIME Payment.



So, READY To start Your journey to apply to USA Universities,  First step, start with our initial evaluation process.

Company Registration & Initial Evaluation Process For International Students

  • Immediately after payment, you will get a PDF Document which has links for online application form and all information

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