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Hello International Students Studying or Immigrants Living in the USA!!


Do You Need A Quick Help With Any ONE of the Following Isuues listed below?



1.  Change of Visa Status - Do you want to change from B1/B2 Visitor Visa to F1 Student Visa or Change from M1 Student to F1 Student Visa ?



2.  How to get Legal permanent residence (green card) - Do you want to change from B1/B2 Visitor Visa to F1 Student Visa or permanent residence (green card) or you want to know how to file documents to become a permanent resident (green card) in the USA ?



 3. Changing Course of Study (Major) - Do you need guidance about choosing and changing to a profitable and sustainable course of study ?



4. Transfer College - Do you Plan to Transfer from Community College To University or Transfer from one college /university to another university?



 5. Scholarship opportunities - Need gudiance on quallfying or applying for available internal college scholarships ?


6. Employment After Graduation - Do you need guide on different employment opportunities you can apply for after graduation from your university education in the USA? 



7. Essay Writing for new college application and admission process - Do you need guidance and coaching for writing great essay for your new college applicaiton process ?



Then, our PAY-AS-YOU-GO (Hourly Consultation) Service Package is BEST for you SOLVE ONE Specific issue listed above. 



Here's What You Will Get In This HOURLY CONSULTATION Service Package


We Will ASSIST and GUIDE With ONE  Issue You Need a Quick Help With:


  • Choosing a Major 
  • Transfer From one college to another
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Change of Visa Status
  • Permanent Residence (Green Card)
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Essay Writing For New College Admissions    




Kindly NOTE - In this HOURLY Service , We ONLY work with International Students Studying and Immigrants Living in the USA who Needs help with ONE Issue Listed above.




USA Education Company is the #1 VIRTUAL College Admissions Consulting Company. We are LEGALLY Registered and Do our Business in Waldorf, Maryland State, USA.


We have served over 3,000 International students and USA High School Students Get Admitted into USA Colleges/Universities + Awarded Huge Scholarships and Approved USA F1 Student Visa.


So, For your ONE quick issue, challenge or questions, we are ready to help you successfully.



READY, Kindly Make Payment, and we will get started and work with you for ONE HOUR In ONE DAY.

We cannot wait to share your own success story 




    • FULL PAYMENT of $300 USD is Paid ONE Time.   


    • ALL SALES ARE FINAL. There is NO REFUND For ANY Reason at anytime.


    • We Accept Payment Through our Website Checkout Page, Zelle, Cashapp or Paypal ONLY.
  • In this Pay-As-You-Go HOURLY CONSULATION Service, 

    • We Work With ONE International Student For ONE HOUR in ONE DAY.    


    • We Work With ONE International Student To Assist Them with ONE ISSUE ONLY.

      If you have more than One issue, then you PAY For ANOTHER HOURLY CONSULTATION SERVICE to Get Assistance with the SECOND ISSUE you have.


    • We Work With ONE International Student Via ZOOM or  Google Meet Video Conferencing Platform


    • We ACCEPT Payment Through our website checkout page, Zelle, Cashapp or Paypal ONLY.
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