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Hello College Student in the USA !!!


Do You Need A Quick Help With Any of the College Admissions or fianancial aid process?


Then, our PAY-AS-YOU-GO (Hourly Consultation) Service is BEST for you. 



Here's What You Will Get In Hourly Consultation Service,


a Fully Detailed Personalized Guidance With ONE of the following issues listed below :



  • Transfer to a NEW College - We will assist and guide you in transferring to a new great college that are best fit for you based on academic abilities, extracurricular activities, major, financial aid packages and more...



  • College Scholarship Opportunities - We will guide you on how to get college scholarship opportunities available in colleges.



  • FAFSA Application - We will guide you in doing the FAFSA application accurately, so that you avoid mistakes and actually qualify and get financial aid which are scholarships and/or grants. 



Kindly NOTE - In this Hourly consutation service, We ONLY work with ONE college student for Help with ONE SPECIFIC College Admissions or financial aid issues listed above.



USA Education Company is the #1 VIRTUAL College Admissions Consulting Company.

We are LEGALLY Registered and Do our Business in Waldorf, Maryland State, USA. 


We have served international students from over 15 countries as well as USA high school and college students from around the 50 states and Washington DC in the USA. 


We have served over 3,000 International students and USA High School/ College Students That Got Admitted into USA Colleges/Universities + Awarded Huge Scholarships and Approved USA F1 Student Visa.


So, For your ONE quick issue with college transfer admissions or financial aid, we are ready to help you successfully.




Kindly Make Payment, and we will get started and work with you for ONE HOUR In ONE DAY.

We cannot wait to share your own success story.

Pay-As-You-Go (Hourly Consultation) For USA College Student & Parents

  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL. There is NO REFUND For ANY Reason at anytime.

  • USA EDUCATION HUB COMPANY DOES NOT Promise or Guarantee any college admissions, scholarships or grants to any college students and parents.


     USA Education Hub Company ONLY Guarantees FULL EXPERT GUIDANCE about college admissions and financial aid (FAFSA) to college students and parents.


    This HOURLY CONSULTATION is ONLY for ONE student for ONE hour in ONE day. 

    So this means this service CANNOT be transferred to another student, It CANNOT be for 2 or more students and It CANNOT be done in 2 days or more.


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