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12th grade student/post-high school students (who took gap year),

Your College Degree Can Be the Bridge To Building a Successful Career /Business. But you need quality education from top USA colleges/universities ready to equip your with the education and skill you need to be successful.

However, Getting into these top colleges/universities can be very long process when done alone or very short and fun when done with experts. 

So Stop Struggling With Fatigue, Overwhelm, Confusion, Mistakes, Delays, Loneliness & Stress When You Do Your College Admissions Process All By Yourself.

Join Our 4 Weeks Virtual Boot-Camp To Work With In Group of Motivated Students & Experienced College Admissions Counselors To Help You Get Into Your Dream or Best College With EASE.

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Happy Students Testifies


Jennifer . I.

I'm grateful my mum found Chioma via Instagram. She helped me get into Felician University for B.Sc. Biology+ awarded $12,000 annual scholarship


Momo. T. 

Thank you USA Education team for helping me get into Texas Tech University for PhD Mechanical Engineering+ awarded graduate assistantship


Akosia. F.

Chioma makes the process easy and fun. She helped me get into Bemidji State University for M.Sc Environmental Studies + government reduced tuition of $8,000 annual tuition.

How We Can Help You 

Virtual Boot-Camp Package (College Admissions)

At USA Education Hub, our college admissions packages offer done-for-you service, all-inclusive advice and guidance throughout the entire admissions process.

Our VIRTUAL BOOT-CAMP Package is designed to help you take off the stress, overwhelm, confusion, delays and mistakes that commonly happens to individuals going through the admissions process all by themselves.

In groups of motivated students and our dedicated/experienced admissions counselors, using our simple guided step by step process, we will help you get into the best college/university that will prepare you for a successful future.

Here's a summary of our VIRTUAL BOOT-CAMP Package benefits -

  • Very affordable college admissions counselling with our experienced college admissions counselors/expert. They have gotten over 370 admission letters from top, affordable and reputable USA colleges/universities.

  • Students work in SMALL GROUPS of 10 - 20 students, to increase Motivation and Consistency Among students 

  • Work With Experienced Essay Writing Coach and College Admissions Counselors.

  • Personalized support to each students on individual and group basis

  • 36 hours in 4 weeks of expert guidance and support for small focused group of 10-20 goal driven students.

  • 5 college selection & application,

  • free coaching for writing convincing essay,

  • guidance on formatting compelling resume

  • guidance on collection of persuasive recommendation letters,

  • scholarship/grant application,

  • mock interviews etc.

Full details of this package benefits are explained below.

So, let us help you get into the best college of your dream with ease.




“This company is great at what they do. I contacted them after 2 failure trying to do it all by myself. I got accepted into Clark University in M.Sc Health educat & awarded $18,500 scholarship” 


—  Masia. F

Here's What You Get In This VIRTUAL BOOT-CAMP Package

College Selection And Application Process

  • Exclusive Package serves students pursuing UNDERGRADUATE programs

  • Full Support for 36 hours in 4 weeks.

  • Two Days a week  of Coaching With College Admissions Counselor  via ZOOM Video Conferencing app. (6 hrs of live zoom coaching + 3 hours of email support every 2 days a week = 9  hours weekly of personalized support)

  • Guidance on defining objectives and goals of student

  • Selection and application to top 5 affordable colleges/universities that offers scholarship opportunities

  • Guidance in gathering all required documents

  • Guidance with completion and submission of online application for 5 colleges/universities

  • FREE Coaching for writing a convincing personal statement/essay 

  • Guidance on selection of profound experiences - extra curricular activities, sports, leadership roles, professional certification etc 

  • FREE  Coaching on formation of compelling resume

  • Guidance on collection of persuasive recommendation letters

  • Free corrections of errors on any required document

  • Bi-weekly follow up with the 5 colleges/universities via emails, phone calls or sometimes on-campus visits.

  • Regular update and follow up with student via email, messenger chats/calls and text messages.

  • Mock interviews - practice and preparation for winning interviews

Financial Aid - Scholarship, Grants or Federal /Private Loans

  • Guidance on how to qualify for merit-based or other college/university scholarship opportunities

  • FREE Assistance with scholarship or grant applications offered by the colleges/universities

  • Guidance on how to apply for Free Application for federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

  • Guidance on how scholarship or grant works.

Acceptance And Preparation Process

  • Guidance on next step after acceptance letter

  • Guidance on registration of semester courses

  • Guidance on tuition payment, scholarship, grants disbursement

  • Guidance on how to get affordable and safe off-campus housing


  • Guidance on how to get on-campus housing

  • AND MORE.....



American University


Mildred got accepted into American University for M.Sc in International Development + $28,992 Annual Scholarship




Happy Students Testifies


Carel. H.

Thank you Chioma for your help; I got accepted into bemidji State University + $15,000 annual scholarship


Mildred. K 

I got accepted American University for M.Sc International Development & $20, 600 annual scholarship. Thank you for your help USA Education Hub.


Samuel. M. 

Chioma is great at what she does. She helped with my admission process and I recommend her.


REFUND POLICY: ALL SALES ARE FINAL; There is NO REFUND at anytime for any reason. 

DISCLAIMER :  All Student's success stories are not typical. Each Student we work with get a unique success story tailored to them. So, we DO NOT guarantee the same success as the students in the testimonials. 

  • We GUARANTEE 100% expert service to get you into your dream college/university.

  • We DO NOT guarantee any student admission into any school. 

  • We DO NOT guarantee scholarship, grants or any other financial aid being awarded to any student.

  • We DO NOT Accept money for any form of bribe for admission into any school.

  • Students are responsible for their success throughout the college admissions process.

  • We DO NOT be sell, share or use students personal information and any documents for any illegal practice. We ONLY use students documents and personal information for the purpose of college admissions.

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