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 Graduate School EXPRESS Package
120 Hours For 20 Weeks (July - December 2021)

Best For Students Ready For College in Fall semester 2022 (August/September 2022)

Hi, I am Chioma Faith, the founder of USA Education Hub Company.

So, Post-Undergraduate Students interested in Graduate school,

Getting into graduate school shouldn't be stressful or overwhelming. But sometimes family, work,/business, health issues, finance and other personal issues can hinder you from achieving your graduate school dream.

You see how colleagues at work with their MBA, PhD + experience + great work ethics enjoy higher pay raise and promotions; now you feel left behind and sad because you should be earning more.

Maybe some of the major challenges you face are:

-no time to sit and apply to different graduate schools because of busy work/business schedule  ,

-don't know which affordable and reputable college you should apply to

-don't understand the graduate school admissions process,

- don't know how to get scholarships/other funds to pay for graduate school 

- not just available for applying and then following up with the colleges regularly

I totally understand you because I have experienced all of these struggles during my application for my masters degree program. I finally got admitted + awarded graduate assistantship position that funded my program. 
Now, I founded 'USA Education Hub Company" where I and my experienced college admissions counselors have assisted international and USA students with over 450 college admission + institutional scholarship + USA student visa approved (for international students) for undergraduate and graduate program.

So, let me help you get into your dream or best fit college graduate school + qualify for institutional scholarship/grants without overwhelm in 20 weeks or less.



Happy Students Testifies


Jennifer . I.

I'm grateful my mum found Chioma via Instagram. She helped me get into Felician University for B.Sc. Biology+ awarded $12,000 annual scholarship


Momo. T. 

Thank you USA Education team for helping me get into Texas Tech University for PhD Mechanical Engineering+ awarded graduate assistantship


Akosia. F.

Chioma makes the process easy and fun. She helped me get into Bemidji State University for M.Sc Environmental Studies + government reduced tuition of $8,000 annual tuition.

What Category Of Student Are You? 

The Categories Are:

  • First Time Graduate School Student - In your household, family and among your friends, you are the first you plans to go to graduate school; Amazing, I am here to assist and guide you through the entire college application process

  • Working Adult + Kid (s) -  Wow, you already got your hands full - your attention needed for work, family and your me time; I  can imagine. That's why I here to help to off an addition load of college admissions process  off your plate. 

  • Very Busy at work (business or job) - Maybe you work at a very demanding firm or industry that you barely have time for lunch; this is a lot already; Let me help you ease the stress of college admissions process. 

Whatever category you belong right now, my team and I are here to assist and guide you to successfully achieve your graduate school dream.

About Our ELITE Service Package

Our Elite Package is designed to help you take off the stress, overwhelm, confusion, delays and mistakes that commonly happens to students/parents going through the admissions process all by themselves.

With our dedicated and experienced admissions consultants/counselors, using our simple guided step by step process (SMART System), we will help you get into the best college/university that will prepare you for a successful future.

Here's a summary of our elite package benefits

- Affordable college admissions counselling with our experienced and result-oriented college admissions counselors for 120 hours in 20 weeks (August 2, 2021 - January 2022)

- Designed for students interested in GRADUATE DEGREE PROGRAM

- personal assessment to help collate extracurricular activities/professional development

- guidance in defining new career or business goals

- selection and completion of online application to 7 -10 top colleges

- guidance in writing winning personal essay

-guidance in writing convincing statement of purpose

- guidance in formatting compelling resume

- FREE Payment of  7-10 college application fees,

- FREE 12 hours of coaching sessions for writing convincing essay,

- guidance on collection of persuasive recommendation letters,

-  guidance in institutional scholarship/grant application,

- FREE 4 weeks of GRE Prep Classes (if needed)

- preparation of mock admissions interviews 

- FREE Payment of Enrollment or Acceptance fee for ONE college/university

- Group Bi-weekly session with our experienced admissions counselors

- Work in groups of 5 - 10 determined, dedicated and motivated students 

- assistance and guidance during the acceptance and class registration process.

Full details of our elite package benefits are explained below.

So, let us help you get into the best college of your dream with ease.

My Story of Change

My journey to the USA began as an international student. After so many life challenges I faced in my home country, Nigeria; I wanted a better life in a new environment where I can further my education in a university that is affordable and reputable around the world. So, I chose the USA because it's a land of good opportunities. 

So early 2013, I began my USA university application process: I had no money to pay any college admissions expert, so I had to do the entire college admissions process + scholarship application process + USA student visa process all by myself with no expert guidance + full time job + family + church choir activities + my me time.  It was a very long, stressful, frustrating, overwhelming, confusing, annoying process that took me 18 months to finish. Wow, it was a really long proces for me. Finally, joy at last, I got accepted at the University of the District of Columbia, Washington DC for my masters program + awarded graduate assistantship position + my USA student visa approved. It was one of the best decisions I have made.

Fast forward today, I have graduated, gotten great jobs I love and also founded my college admissions business "USA Education Hub" to help students like you get into your dream graduate school without all the stressful long process.  

I started my business as the only college admissions expert, now grown to a team of 10 experienced college admissions expert with right record of success for over 20 years.

I created the ELITE Service Package Where My team and I work with group of 5- 20 prospective graduate students throughout the entire college admissions process for up to 6 months.




“This company is great at what they do. I contacted them after 2 failure trying to do it all by myself. I got accepted into Clark University in M.Sc Health educat & awarded $18,500 scholarship” 


—  Masia. F

Here's What You Get In This Elite Package

College Selection And Application Process

  • Our Elite Package serves students pursuing GRADUATE programs

  • Help students get into college for either SPRING 2022 semester or FALL 2022 semester

  • Work with our experienced College Admissions Counselors For 120 Hours in 20 weeks (July - December 2021)   

  • Career Goal - We provide Guidance on defining objectives and goals of students, so that students can invest time, energy and money studying profitable courses

  • College Selection - We coach students on the right college selection strategies, so that they select 7 -10 top, affordable and reputable colleges that offers huge financial aid for graduate students.

  • Online College application - We offer guidance on application, completion and submission of 7 - 10 colleges application in a timely manner without procrastination, confusion, delays or overwhelm.

  • Scholarship application - Most colleges have seperate applications for scholarship/grants such as graduate assistantship, research or teaching assistantship. So we guide students on how to qualify for them.

  • Payment of Application Fees - FREE Payment of Application fees to 7 - 10 colleges

  • Writing Winning Essays - We offer FREE Coaching for writing a convincing personal statement/essay for 7 - 10 colleges without overthinking or overwhelm

  • Guidance on selection of profound experiences - extra curricular activities, sports, leadership roles, professional certification that is passion purpose and not random

  • Great Resume - Guidance on formation of compelling resumes without stress

  • Letter of Recommendations - Guidance on collection of persuasive recommendation letters

  • Live Coaching on Zoom - We offer Bi-weekly 6 hours Live Coaching on zoom for answering FQAs, teaching the right strategies, accountability for students, follow up on students and fixing any mistakes.

  • Follow Up With 7 - 10 Colleges - We will  do Regular Follow up with the 7 -10 colleges via emails, phone calls, or sometimes on campus visits.

  • Follow up with students -Regular update and follow up via email, zoom calls, and text messages to increase motivation, focus, productivity and time management.

  • Group of 5 - 10 Dedicated & Motivated Students - We will pair students with accountability partners to help increase motivated and productivity among students.


  • Mock interviews - practice and preparation for winning interviews

  • FREE Payment of Enrollment or Acceptance fee to ONE college/university

Financial Aid - Scholarship, Grants or Federal /Private Loans

  • Guidance on how to qualify for merit-based or other college/university scholarship opportunities

  • FREE Assistance with scholarship or grant applications offered by the colleges/universities

  • Guidance on how to apply for Free Application for federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

  • Guidance on how scholarship or grant works.


Acceptance And Preparation Process

  • Guidance on next step after acceptance letter

  • Guidance on registration of semester courses

  • Guidance on tuition payment, scholarship, grants disbursement

  • Guidance on how to get affordable and safe off-campus housing


  • Guidance on how to get on-campus housing

  • AND MORE.....


American University


Happy Students Testifies


Carel. H.

Thank you Chioma for your help; I got accepted into bemidji State University + $15,000 annual scholarship


Mildred. K 

I got accepted American University for M.Sc International Development & $20, 600 annual scholarship. Thank you for your help USA Education Hub.


Samuel. M. 

Chioma is great at what she does. She helped with my admission process and I recommend her.


REFUND POLICY: ALL SALES ARE FINAL; There is NO REFUND at anytime for any reason. 

DISCLAIMER :  All Student's success stories are not typical. Each Student we work with get a unique success story tailored to them. So, we DO NOT guarantee the same success as the students in the testimonials. 

  • We GUARANTEE 100% expert service to get you into your dream or best  college/university.

  • We DO NOT guarantee any student admission into any particular school. 

  • We DO NOT guarantee scholarship, grants or any other financial aid being awarded to any student.

  • We DO NOT Accept money for any form of bribe for admission into any school.

  • Students are responsible for their success throughout the college admissions process.

  • We DO NOT be sell, share or use students personal information and any documents for any illegal practice. We ONLY use students documents and personal information for the purpose of college admissions.

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